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American Promo Cards

dancing pikachu line

In some of these cards we have enough where we can give discounts on quanity.

Listed below the Black Star Promos is the Best Promos.

Black Star Promo #1 IVY PIKACHU $2.00

Black Star Promos #2, 3, 4 & 5 Dragonite, Pikachu, Mewtwo and Electabuzz all four for $10.00 or $3.00 each

Black Star Promo #6 Arcanine $4.00

Black Star Promo #7 Jigglypuff $10.00 "1 LEFT"

Black Star Promo #8 Mew .50

Black Star Promo #9 Mew Holofoil $6.00

Black Star Promo #10 Meowth Holofoil $8.00

Black Star Promo #11 Eevee Holofoil $4.50

Black Star Promo #12 Telekinesis Mewtwo $18.00

Black Star Promo #13 Venusaur Holofoil $12.00

Black Star Promo #14 Mewtwo $6.50

Black Star Promo #15 Cool Porygon Holofoil(still sealed) $6.00

Black Star Promo # 16 Computer Error .50

Black Star Promo #17 Dark Persian $15.00

We have 1 very rare Dark Persian Promo #17 that was printed without the HP on the top of the card. This error card is in MINT condition. $100.00 SOLD!

Black Star Promo #17 Dark Persian ERROR card

Black Star Promo #18 Team Rockets Meowth $1.00

Black Star Promo #19 Sabrina's Abra $12.00

Black Star Promo #20 Psyduck $4.00

Black Star Promos #21, 22 &23 The legendary Birds $4.00 for the set or $1.50 each

Ancient Mew (Movie 2000 Promo) $2.50

Black Star Promo #24 Happy Birthday Pikachu Holofoil $18.00

Black Star Promo #25 Flying Pikachu $4.50

Black Star Promo #26 Pikachu Snap $4.50

Black Star Promo #27 Bumble Bee Pikachu (from the video DVD) $7.00 SOLD OUT!

Black Star Promo #28 Surfing Pikachu $4.50

Black Star Promo #29 Marill $.50 Still sealed.

Black Star Promo #30 Togepi $4.00

Black Star Promo #31 Cleffa $4.50

Black Star Promo #32 Smeargle $4.00

Black Star Promo #33 Scizor $4.00

Black Star Promo #34 Entei Reverse Holofoil $4.00

Black Star Promo #35 Pichu Reverse Holofoil $5.00

Black Star Promo #36 Igglybuff $4.50

Black Star Promo #37 Hitmontop $4.50

Black Star Promo #38 Unown J $8.50

Black Star Promo #39 Misdreavus $4.50

Black Star Promo #40 Pokemon Center $29.00

Black Star Promo #41 Trainer Lucky Stadium $19.00

Black Star Promo #42 Trainer Pokémon Tower $9.00

Black Star Promo #43 Machamp $4.00

Black Star Promo #44 Magmar $4.00

Black Star Promo #45 Scyther $4.00

Promo Rainbow Energy Holofoil $5.00

Promo Fighting Energy Holofoil $3.00

Promo Water Energy Holofoil $3.00

Promo Recycle Energy Holofoil $3.00

Promo Electric Energy Holofoil $3.00

Promo Fire Energy Holofoil $3.00

Promo Grass Energy Holofoil $3.00

Promo Psychic Energy Holofoil $3.00

Best Promo Electabuzz$3.00
Best Promo #2 Hitmonchan $3.00
Best Promo #3 Professor Elm $6.00
Best Promo #4 Rocket's Scizor $6.00
Best Promo #5 Rocket's Sneasel $6.00
Best Winner Promo #1 Electabuzz $7.00
Best Winner Promo #2 Hitmonchan $7.00
Best Winner Promo #4 Rocket's Scizor $6.00
Best Winner Promo #5 Rocket's Sneasel $6.00
Best Winner Promo #6 Dark Ivysaur $6.00
Best Winner Promo #7 Dark Venusaur $6.00
Best Winner Promo #8 Rocket's Mewtwo $9.00


The rarest of the American Promos Prerelease Clefable. I have a very limited supply of these cards in near mint condition. The word Prerelease don't show up very well in the scan. They are in the lower right hand side of the picture.

Prerelease Clefable Please email for prices

Prerelease Aerodactyl $10.00

Misty's Seadra Prerelease $3.00

Dark Gyarados Prerelease $4.50

Gold Stamped Cards

The Kelloggs Fruit Rollups Golden Meowth was inserted in specially marked boxes during the summer of 1999. The chances of getting the special Gold Boardered Meowth were 1 in 300 boxes. This card is mint!

Golden Meowth $25.00

E3 Pikachu (yellow check) from Nintendo Power Magazine(SOLD)

E3 Pikachu $20.00 This card is in NEAR mint condition! It has a very small amount of wear showing on the back. SOLD

The Golden W Dark Arbok was give out as a Chinese New Year gift. This card was only released in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Hong Kong to commemorate the Chinese New Year. This is the Year of The Metal Snake. This RARE card comes carefully packaged in a red envelope known as "Ang Pow".

Golden W Dark Arbok $12.00

The extremely RARE promo Dark Charmeleon with a "W" GOLD stamp. This PROMO was only available in Australia. They were randomly inserted in boxes of Kraft Cheese as a promotion. This card is in MINT condition. It is still wrapped in the original packaging.

Golden W Dark Charmeleon (SOLD OUT)

Golden W Brock's Vulpix $4.00

Golden W Pikachu. This card was put in the September 1999 issue of Duelist Magazine. The card you buy will still be SEALED. You will received the card and the magazine.

Golden W Pikachu with Duelist Magazine. SOLD
Golden W Pikachu without magazine

The Golden W Kabuto Promo was only available in Top Deck magazine issue #1. The magazine is not included with this card.

Golden W Kabuto $15.00

The Golden W Wartortle.

Golden W Wartortle $14.00

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